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Producers of log home kits

Cottages and country homes


480, road 323, St-Emile-de-Suffolk (Quebe)


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   Warm pine interior

You can also choose your interior finish and design including a loft, a cathedral ceiling, tongue and groove pine floor covering, massive pine rafters and staircase, etc.


   Exterior finish

 You can choose a dovetail corner finish for the look of yesteryeau log homes or any other siding of your choice, including a 1'' log siding and a tongue and groove traditionnal pine siding.

With a log finish, the old days sealing compound used between the logs, that was made of different mixtures, is now replaces with a modern perma-chink paste, wich stays flexible throughout the seasons.

Easier maintenance

Treatins exterior surfaces with a quality water repellent and weather resistant stain, will preserve the beauty of your home and ensure minimum maintenance.

Dovetail corners

1'' log siding

Pine siding